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Saying Adieu To Your Postpartum Belly

Over 200 million people turn to Healthline every month. The health and wellness brand provides real health information with a real human approach. Healthline and I are a snug fit: my journalist background means I’m committed to thorough research and at the same time I’m able to inject my content with emotion. Read about ridding yourself of your postpartum belly and you’ll see what I mean.

Triggering And Immune Attack Against Cancer

Bone grafts are easier if you use bone fillers grown from coral or from a person’s own body fat. This article tells you how it can be done.

bonesNew Bones

Bone grafts are easier if you use bone fillers grown from coral or from a person’s own body fat. This article tells you how it can be done.

Is This The End To Diabetes?

Dr. Bruno Doiron, researcher at the University of Texas called this Hamodia article the best-written article about his research. 

Witching Hour Is The Worst

Healthline powers the health and wellness market and ranks #1 health information property in the United States. Read this comprehensive article on the witching hour to see why. (Secret alert: my experience as mother to a large family was super-useful.)

FUS Therapy

Focused ultrasound therapy could be the treatment of the future for Parkinson Disease patients and also the de rigueur therapy for soft tissue tumors and bone metastases. In this article, I merged the work of experts from different parts of the world.

Elder Care

Innovations To Stop Arthritic Pains

Arthritis is a disease that impacts nearly 53 million adult Americans. In this article, I interviewed two doctors who are conducting research that could stop the ache. Aside from the interviews, I had to do plenty of research into Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment and the drug Baricitinib to make sure I understood the mechanics behind the innovations before I could begin writing.

Use HandrailFalls In The Elderly

Thirty years ago most emergency department cases were accident- and violence-related. Today, most cases center round falls in the elderly. In this article I tracked down the president of the SAEM Academy of Geriatric Emergency Medicine, the director of a day care center for the elderly and caregivers of elderly parents to give an overview of the challenges and how to cope.


Downsizing can be stressful, not only because of the myriad of details involved, but also because it’s an emotional process. And that’s especially true for seniors. This article, published in a supplement to Hamodia, brings together the advice of someone who helps smooth the transition process and the experiences of three seniors across the globe who made the move smoothly.

Three Common Eye Problems In Seniors

This is a ghostwritten blog. In this post I discuss three age-related conditions that you should know about.


SleepSleep Habits and Liver Damage

The MedFit Network (MFN) supports medical fitness, active aging and exercise for the aging population and those with chronic disease/medical conditions. This post shares some surprising secrets about sleep and liver damage.

Shulman Family

A World With A Few Words

Raising awareness about aphasia, a speech impairment that people who have had a stroke need often face, was my goal in this article. Speaking with Julie Shulman, whose husband has aphasia, made the article into something more than just medical research.

Cancerous CellsSaving Lives At The Mikveh

One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. That’s why I was eager to write about how mikveh attendants are being trained to spot anything suspicious…with sensitivity.

Bike for MedicBike Medics

A bike medic was the first to arrive on the scene when my son cut his head badly. So of course, I was interested in writing about these speedy helpers.

Sculpting FaceSculpting Faces And Futures

The idea for this article, which was published in Mishpacha, came to me as I paged through Smithsonian. Tracking down the experts lead me to former a former CIA agent.

Feigenson Synagogue, Bet Shemesh IsraelA Life Giving Community

What motivates some people to donate a kidney to a total stranger? This article is one of several for Matnat Chayim, an Israeli non-profit dedicated to encouraging healthy volunteers to donate kidneys to patients who require a transplant.

SkinSkin The Essential Cover

Finding a new spin on a much-covered topic is a challenge I take on with relish.

Healthy EatingFood Is Your Best Medicine

Tracking down the experts is something I love doing. This article goes behind the scenes as hospitals move to changing the foods they offer.

Oragl RehabHealer Of Shattered Dreams

Can you rebuild a face? This article tells you how it’s done and simultaneously gives you the human interest angle.

AurasThe Aura That Surrounds You

In this potentially controversial article I aimed to bring out the science behind auras. The bonus was seeing my aura change as I smiled.

Baby BoomerThe Baby Boomer

The best part about being a healthcare writer it that you know you’re making a difference in people’s lives. Thanks to stunning medical advancements, most couples facing infertility don’t need to resign themselves to the challenge. This Mishpacha article added a fascinating human interest angle as embryologist Dr. Brooks shared his own personal journey.

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